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Press Release, 09 May 2017

he second phase workshop of Samhan Heritage Hotel Project was held on 15 & 16 February 2017, ASAS OMRANIA with his international partners D'APPLONIA S.P.A and AR&P Architecture conducted two days workshop presentation with DUR the Technical Manager for the project and NUZUL Owner of the project representative in Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh City.

During the said workshop for the Samhan Heritage Hotel Project, AR&P team presented the Architectural updated design development and drawings, 3D massing and perspective updates also presented. On the second day, D'APPOLONIA team discussed the schematic design about the structural design criteria, excavation and demolition technique and structural drawings. It was presented also to NUZUL / DUR team the schematic design for HVAC Piping, fire protection system piping layout, and mechanical process diagrams. D'APPLONIA team also explained the electrical system for lighting and power, low current system, fire alarm, public address and PMS system.